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Comedy Tonight

It isn’t often that the Cleveland Cavaliers and ‘The Great White Way’ are mentioned in the same sentence. So this will mark a first. While watching the series one of the commentators stated ‘I’ve seen this movie before’ the camera then cut to Dwight Howard with his trademark smile/smirk on his face as though the Cavaliers being in the series is a joke.
Just then, I had an epiphany, the song ‘Comedy Tonight’ from the Broadway musical / movie ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum’ stuck in my head. Now being of limited knowledge of Broadway, I decided to do some research on the song. Upon seeing the lyrics I understood why this song fits the series.
Samplings of the lyrics are:
Something familiar, something peculiar
Something for everyone; a comedy tonight
Something appealing; something appalling
Something for everyone; a comedy tonight
Nothing with Kings; nothing with crowns
Bring on the lovers, liars and clowns
Old situations; new complications
Nothing portentous or polite
Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight

While perusing (I love this word) the lyrics, occurred to me that I could think of a situation in this series to fit every lyric in the song. How in the world could the Cavaliers be the subject in an old Broadway song? The Cavaliers are in a blood in the water’ mode; unfortunately it’s their blood. Well that’s familiar, certainly peculiar; something for everyone no matter who you are rooting for. Something appealing-the team stepping up to the plate; something appalling-the officials with selective vision and the look on Dwight Howard’s face certainly conveys –comedy tonight. ‘Kings and crowns’ need no comment; I won’t even touch the lovers, liars and clowns line. But old situations – LaBron having to be a ‘one man show’, new complications- shooting as if by my mother sewing circle and there is nothing portentous or polite when at times if the Cavaliers had cop suits on instead of basketball uniforms I would have thought I was watching a Keystone Cops movie. Of course there are more lyrics and yes they all fit: ‘mistakes, fakes, rhymes, crimes-tumblers, grumblers, bumblers, fumblers’.
But the most telling is the closing line, ‘tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight’ watching game 6, I haven’t seen a killing like this since the last weeks 70’s horror remake, there is one bright note- maybe we can get Susan Boyle to sing it.
Now I will give credit where its due Delonte West and Mo Williams did step up in a big way however ‘tragedy tomorrow-comedy tonight’. Are you ready Susan?

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  1. nice literaly analysis. good taste, lol.