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I’m not ready to say “There’s Always Next Year”

I haven’t given up hope yet and I hope the Cavs haven’t either. Only 8 teams in NBA history have come back from a 3-1 deficit, the last team to do so being the 2006 Suns over the Lakers in the conference semis. I honestly think were primed to be the ninth. In order to do that we need the crowd to be crazier than they have all season. We need to be aggressive on Howard on the defensive side of the ball. If we can frustrate him early and find a way to get him a tech we have a chance to get him suspended for one game. He did have 6 technical fouls, but the NBA rescinded one today. 7 and he’s done for one game. If we can pester him early and often and have him at least get one tech tomorrow, Stan Van Gundy would sit him for awhile which would help us tremendously. If we can get Howard his 6th tech anytime he would get visible upset there’s a good chance he’d get benched. Say he got his if we can get him his 6th and take these two games at home, by the time we go back down there we have all the momentum and the media attention. I expect Howard to be suspended sometime during this series. In the playoffs he’s tied for first in techs with 5, and was 4th in the regular season with 14.
I expect us to win tomorrow, the team knows what’s on the line and I don’t see them going out yet. We need help from the bench, we need starters to play. If Mo, and Delontae don’t start performing like they have all season I don’t see any way for us to win this series. That said, I did like how Gibson played he made some pretty clutch plays for us. I want to see more Joe Smith in the lineup instead of Varejao when we go through those offensive slumps.

Derek Blair

1 comment:

  1. Good piece Derek. But you can say you're waiting for next year now, unfortunately. Let us hope that we can keep Lebron. If it was not for him, we would be nowhere. Go Browns baby!