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Where's Booby?

I think the starting lineup is fine just the way it is. More so because of the fact are defense is nearly invisible and LeBron is our offense. I would prefer Wallace in over Z, but other than that our starting lineup is fine. However, I think we need to see more of Booby Gibson. Because aside from Mo Williams, and occasionally Delonte West, he is one of the few players on the Cavs that is not afraid to shoot and shoot and shoot until they start falling. Obviously if they're not falling then he should have the common sense to pass a little, but you get the point.

I think Gibson has a right to see the court sometime in the mid-end of 1st quarter or starting in the 2nd. Because when he has been coming in the game it has mostly been toward the end where he is thrown into a pressure situation off the bench without having a chance to truly warm up, find a rhythm. I recall a few years back where he had a huge game where he nailed 5 3-pointers I believe that helped us push past Detroit one game (correct me if I have this stat wrong).

I strongly feel that when this kid has his shot falling, it is the best thing that can happen for LeBron. Because now they have to worry about a 2nd reliable offensive option and cannot double team as much on LBJ. Mo Williams was this 2nd option for most of the season for the Cavs, however, he seems to be struggling a bit here in the postseason. Another reason Gibson should get some more minutes is because he has been in a situation like this before whereas Mo Williams has not.

Overall I just think the Cavs should stick with their original starting lineup, substitute Wallace for Z, but go to the bench for Booby early and often. I think he can be used similarly how the Magic have been using Mickael Pietrus. Given the opportunity, Gibson can be our #1 3-point shooter and we can tweak our offense around that. Just a suggestion.


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