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What the Cavs Need

By Rob Trautman

After watching the Cavaliers fall to the Orlando Magic in 6 games, it puts in perspective what this team needs going into the offseason. Yes, we had a great year with 66 wins, and won the Division, but this team must look for a championship now. There are some possible players at each position that might help improve the Cavaliers in different aspects. I will breakdown each position and list some possible names that could be out there. Feel free to post your comments and opinions.

A Big Man: After watching Dwight Howard tear us apart, its obvious this team needs an athletic, strong big man. Not necessarily to score alot but that can play a little defense. Z and Varejao struggled to stop Orlando's Dwight Howard the whole series. Here are a few players possibly available to look at:

Detroit's Rasheed Wallace, Antonio Mcdyess, Milwaukee's Charlie Villanueva, New York's David Lee and Chris Wilcox, Portland's Channing Frye, San ANtonio's Drew Gooden, and Utah's Paul Millsap.

PF Joe SMith, and Lorenzen Wright are unrestricted free agents and unlikely to return. Andy Varejao is likely to opt out but the Cavs said he is a top priority to bring back. PF Ben Wallace is scheduled to make 14 million dollars next season, but he is contemplating retirement.

A wing player: Wally Szczerbiak is now an unrestricted free agent, and Sasha Pavlovic, whose 4.95 million dollar contract for next season is not close to guranteed, had some very good moments during the regualr season. During the playoffs both seemed to be exposed by Pietrus of Orlando who was quicker, more athletic and could knock down shots from anywhere. Here are what could be available:

Lakers Trevor Ariza, Houston's Ron Artest, Phoenix's Matt Barnes and Grant Hill.

It could be tough to get a real quality wing player who is athletic, but I wouldn't count out a possible trade.

A backup point guard : After watching the post season it looks as if Daniel Gibson will be a guy you can bring off the bench to shoot three's and not a guy who can run the point position. You need options if Mo Williams isn't out there, and yes Delonte can run the point but he is more effective coming off the ball and driving to the hoop. So here are some guards who could be or will be free agents:

Atlanta's Mike Bibby, Dallas' Jason Kidd, Philly's Andre Miller, Charlottes Ray Felton, or Washington's Juan Dixon.

Watching Orlando they showed that depth could play an important role. The Magic brought in Anthony Johnson and Pietrus off the bench to give them minutes and some scoring, well it worked outnicely. The Cavs got outscored off the bench almost in every game versus the Magic, now the Cavaliers can learn and make some adjustments now.

These players are still under contract: Lebron James ($15.78Million), Sasha Pavlovic, Mo Williams, Daniel Gibson, Tarence Kinsey, JJ Hickson, Darnell Jackson, Delonte West, Ben Wallace, and Jawad Williams. Zydrunas Ilgauskas and ANderson Varejao have player options in the final year of their deals.

Draft Picks: The Cavliers have the 30th and final pick in the first round. They also own Chicago's second round pick, which will be at #46. Cleveland's last draft pick in the second round will be the 60th choice in the draft, and that will go to Miami.

So which way do the Cavs go? Post your comments!


  1. Cavs need Chris Bosh!!!! Go and try to trade for him. After Dan Gilbert's comments, I will not be surprised if the Cavs say screw 2010, and go for the ring now!!

  2. why would we want drew gooden we had him and he sucked.

  3. I think Drew Gooden's problem was he was to inconsistent. I don't think he sucked. Those were some players that will be available, its not saying we should or shouldn't get him, just some possibilities.

  4. Wally Szczerbiak is [as you said] going to be a free agent, and cavs don't even want him back for the next season. And I agree with you on the "Big Man" for 'Center' part. But in another section on the site it says Shaq want's to be on the team [which is ture,] do you not think he would be good for us?