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It's Here!

October 27, 2009

I feel like a kid on Christmas Morning, only I'm anticipating this gift to keep on giving well into June. I can't wait for tonight. I have been thinking about this night since that craptastic loss to Orlando back in May. We got Shaq. LeBron is the reigning MVP. Parker and Moon added length and athleticism. We're going to get Leon Powe around the All-Star break. I'm extraordinarily excited. Brian Windhorst is back to being a part of my daily life. Fred and AC on TV. Gonna be sweet.

Of course, there are worries. What if Delonte can't get things together? What if Shaq plays like he's 37? What if Shaq doesn't fit in? What if Hickson and D-Block aren't ready to be the fourth big? What is Vince Carter inexplicably doesn't play like he just pooped in his pants during crunch time and in big games? What if the Celtics actually do find some sort of fountain of youth, which is probably their only real hope (they are really freaking old for an NBA team, really really old)? Well we're going to find out.

I realized something yesterday. The Cavs won 66 games last year and replaced Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic, and Wally Szczerbiak with Shaq, Anthony Parker, and Jamario Moon. If you figure Jamario Moon is the worst of the three additions, he is still better than any of the three the Cavs got rid of. That's a pretty good way to upgrade your roster. Turnover two wings and a big into two clearly better wings and a clearly better big. How can you not like that?

Fans are going to get a lot of Cavs right away. Four games in five nights to open. That's going to be tough on the players. I can't freaking wait though. I just want to fast forward to tip off right now. I am so unbelievably excited, I'm pretty much just rambling now. I'm sorry this post sucks, but I can't think rationally right now. I'm too excited. Do you realize today is Christmas Ale day at Great Lakes Brewery and I don't even care? I love beer, I actually think I love the Cavs more (although I recommend enjoying the Cavs and beer simultaneously).

I think LeBron is going to go off tonight. I think he wins another MVP. I think Shaq is second team All-NBA. I think Mo Williams goes for 20-6 per night. I think Delonte gets his life back together and ends up giving a major boost to the team. I think Andy turns into a 10 rebounds per game guy and makes the All-Defensive team, although not the first team. I think J.J. Hickson grows up and shows he can be a contributor on a title team, and potential for further growth. I think Boobie remembers how to hit 43 percent of his threes. I think Parker and Moon provide great athleticism and make excellent role players. I think Jawad Williams is still on this team in the playoffs. I think the Cavs win 63 games and have the best record in the NBA again. I think the Cavs win 8 of 9 in the first two rounds and then take Orlando/Boston in 5. I think that Cleveland plays the Lakers in the Finals. I think LeBron James signs an extension to stay home.

I think there will be a victory parade in downtown in June.

Jack Bacevice


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