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Preview Part 3: The Guards

October 22, 2009

In my final preview of the roster, I give my take on the Cavalier guards...

Mo Williams: Do you realize, considering we eventually resigned Joe Smith after he was bought out, we essentially got Mo Williams for Damon Jones? Damon Jones???? All Mo did was knock down threes and free throws with incredible consistency and take scoring some of the load off LeBron's shoulders. Did 'Amon 'Ones ever get anywhere near 17 points per game?? Even if you subscribe to the view some of the national media espouses (Mo Will didn't belong on the All-Star team last year, a view I do not agree with) the Cavs got a very good NBA point guard for essentially a CBA player. I think Mo's going to be even better this year. With more weapons to pass to he should see an increase in assists and with more focus on the interior (Shaq and LeBron reportedly developing a back-to-the-basket game) Williams may get even more open looks. I'm going to make a very bold prediction. 20 points per game and 6 assists per game. Very bold.

Delonte West: It certainly appears Anthony Parker is going to start, at least at the beginning of the season, but Delonte is going to get the majority of the minutes and play in crunch time. I'm going to bring up his bi-polar and weapons charge issues in order to point out I'm not going to discuss them. If you don't love watching Delonte West play basketball you probably don't like basketball. He's reminds me of Josh Cribbs in the following way: Every arm chair quarterback and point guard in the world thinks they would always give 200 percent and never take a play off ever if they were in the pros and they would be completely unselfish and do whatever the team needs to win and put their ego aside and yada-yada... the reality is most pros don't do that. Delonte West does. He's talented. He hits big shots. He works his ass off on defense. He can handle the ball and facilitate. He fills whatever role you need him to fill on any given night in order to help the team win. Do I have a man crush on Delonte??? Maybe...

Anthony Parker: When I thought the Cavs were going to give him the full midlevel I thought "bad deal." When they gave him a portion of it and got Jamario Moon I thought "good deal." Now I am loving the Parker deal. He's going to be like a bigger, but slightly less dynamic and much older, Delonte. His size is going to help with matchups and his talent is going to make the team deeper and better. He's going to be a nice addition.

Daniel Gibson: Last year was not very good for Boobie, but it's over. His foot was hurting, which messed with his shot. Couple that with his seeming inability to accurately hit anything inside the arc and he was a borderline liability last year. This year he is healthy and he isn't going to be the first guard off of the bench, taking off some pressure. If he can get off to a fast start it could really help his confidence and springboard him to a good season.

Check back before the Boston game on Tuesday for my final team preview...

Jack Bacevice


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