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Cavs-Magic Running Diary

November 11, 2009

7:15: Here it is, my first running diary. This is a complete rip-off of Bill Simmons, but he is my favorite internet sports writer and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so here we go. SportsCenter is on right now. They are talking baseball. MLB is so screwed up with no salary cap. It's really disgusting. Screw it, that's for a Tribe website. Time to go to the fridge and get a beer...

7:28: It's not time to start drinking yet, still waiting...

7:36: Got my first two beers. I'm getting very excited as the rematch is nearly upon us. I really like J.J. in the starting line-up. Andy is a lot of energy off the bench. I like it.

7:44: David Robinson may be the best person in NBA history. He has to be in the top 5. Happy Veterans Day.

7:52: My level of anticipation is very, very high.

7:59: Can the game please tip now?

8:00: Vince Carter annoys me. When he was at UNC I liked him. I wore number 15 in 7th grade basketball because that was his number. At least I think that was why I wore it. If that was even his number. I don't care, I don't like him now.

8:05: Jeff Van Gundy is announcing this game tonight. Think he will bother talking about the game in front of him? Or will we have another two-and-a-half hours about LBJ playing in New York next year, which will not happen.

8:07: Delonte is inactive tonight due to an unspecified incident earlier today. Awesome. That's supposed to be sarcastic. I'm not happy.

8:11: Shaq actually makes Dwight Howard look small. Didn't expect that. I like Mo's early aggressiveness.

8:15: Awesome start for Mo. Howard is out with foul trouble. LeBron is LeBronning. I like this start. 14-9, LBJ at the line for an And One.

8:17: See the commercial for the Michael Oher movie starring Sandra Bullock? I remember seeing Michael Oher's adopted sister at the draft. If I remember correctly, she is super hot. I hope Michael Oher doesn't read this and beat me up. I mean she is super hot as a compliment and in the most respectful way possible. Really I do. I'm really rolling the dice here, but I'm thinking Michael doesn't read Also, writing this running diary is kinda hard. Luckily I have beer (Natty Light... I am classy). I soldier on.

8:24: JVG says the Cavs are very difficult to defend is Mo Will is playing like this. Agreed. If Mo Will played like this against Orlando Cavs win in 5. At least I like to think that. Some commercials really suck.

8:33: LeBron had 13 in the first. It was a quiet 13. LeBron is the only player in the world who can have a quiet 13 in a quarter and he does it all the time. He is a freak. It looks so easy for him. Also, the Cavs appear vastly superior to Orlando when Howard is on the bench. Not that that is all that shocking (I just used "that" three times in a sentence!). However it is worth mentioning.

8:39: I love watching Mo Will shoot when he's on. It's really beautiful. If his shot were a woman I'd hit on it and embarrass myself. It's what I do.

8:47: Mo is completely out of hand. Shaq and Z haven't played enough together for this to really work, yet it continues. Shaq, Z, Howard, and Gortat are all on the floor. That is a lot of human. Can we get a 4th foul on Howard?

9:00: They called that foul on Z? Really? Not Howard's fourth? What? Horrible call. Of course, there should have been and offensive foul on LeBron. Screw it, Mo Will is dominating.

9:04: Howard goes to the bench without the Cavs getting a 4th foul on him. Big mistake. This could come back to haunt the Cavs. Of course, Howard DID commit a fourth foul, actually he committed two fouls that weren't called, but I digress. I don't like Matt Barnes, by the way.

9:06: JVG is disagreeing with many of the calls against the Cavs. Is he trying to get back in my good graces? Probably. I am a big deal. It won't be so easy JVG. Also, things are getting a little too close. I'm not comfortable. Cavs are blowing a huge first half lead against Orlando? I saw this show last May. Three times.

9:08: Nice steal Anthony Parker. Welcome to the game. Oh he started? Oh, I see. Also, ESPN just brought up the Steve Nash-CP3 tilt for later tonight. Is Steve Nash the least deserving MVP in NBA history? Probably. Least deserving two-time MVP in all of sports? Almost certainly. He doesn't play defense, like even a little. It's not for lack of effort. He sucks at it. Have you ever really thought Steve Nash might be the best player in the NBA? At any point in his career? Even for a game? Supposedly he is a great guy though. He's also Canadian, and South African. So there's that.

9:12: 66 points by the Cavs in the first half. Magic really aren't the same team without Dwight Howard. Or with Dwight Howard dealing with Shaq. Or without Hedo creating match-up problems. The Cavs are also playing crappy defense. I'm also liking J.J.'s energy/athleticism. This is going well. I am enjoying this.

9:17: Remember when Nelson made the All-Star team ahead of Mo Williams last year? Yeah, nice choice. Looking real brilliant tonight.

9:25: Watching the CP3 segment at halftime something occurs to me. I believe CP3 is the 2nd best player in the NBA right now, after LeBron. Sorry Kobe. Kobe has had a greater career and will probably end up being better than CP3 historically, but right now CP3 is number 2 in my mind. After LeBron. LeBron is a freak. He cannot be described.

9:31: Howard, Nelson, and Carter have a total of 37 points. Shaq, LBJ, and Mo Will have 53. Suck it Orlando.

9:33: Back-to-back threes for Anthony Parker. Love it. That's a vet. Crappy first half, don't get down. Come out and score. Love it.

9:35: Hubie just let us know "Gortat is not a 'pop' guy." Good to know. I like Hubie.

9:38: Cavs are 9 of 12 on threes. Feel bad Orlando fans? Feel like that's ridiculous and no way it can keep up? Feel like you should be right there in this game? I know. That was the whole series last year for us Cav fans. Annoying isn't it...

9:47: The Cavs appear to be the superior team, by a lot. I know there's no Rashard Lewis and Ryan Anderson. There's also no Delonte West or Leon Powe. So Orlando is playing a back-to-back on the second half. So what? Orlando is being thoroughly beaten. Spectacular. Bite me Mickey Mouse.

9:53: Z is 0-6 from the floor tonight. Ew.

9:58: Cavs up 20 after 3. Even giving the Magic the benefit of every excuse (see post at 9:47) they are at home and down 20. After 3. Can we all get over the nervousness of the Cleveland 4-3 start now?

10:02: Jamario Moon needs to stop shooting threes.

10:07: Mo Williams has 28 points and 5 assists. Cavs got him for Damon Jones and Joe Smith, who we later brought back. I think it is safe to say the Cavs won that trade. You know, in case you weren't sure.

10:11: ESPN guys just discussed how LeBron has become the "crisis counselor" to OSU quarterback Terrelle Pryor. He also built a $7.3 billion dollar (approximate) house in Northeast Ohio. He didn't buy it, he built it. (Okay, he paid for it. He didn't built it with his bare hands. I think. You could tell me he did pretty much anything and I would believe you.) He also chose to accept his MVP at St. Vincent-St. Mary in Akron. He's from Akron. Can he do any more to connect with Northeast Ohio? I know he hasn't signed his extension but... isn't the writing on the wall? How come none of this came up in the Cavs-Knicks telecast on Friday?

10:18: Hubie Brown just called Kareem Abdul-Jabbar a "young man." Kareem is 62. (All the best wishes to Kareem.)

10:28: I'm glad Mike Brown left the starters in. This doesn't make last May better, but I like my pound of flesh.

10:31: I predicted 101-93 twice today. Honest to God. To three different people. 102-93 final. Nice. Sorry my running diary sucked. I won't quit though. Stay with me. Remember, i completely ripped this idea off from Bill Simmons. He is much better than I am at this. 5-3. Not bad.


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