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ESPN Should Be Ashamed of the Cavs-Knicks Broadcast

November 9, 2009

I really enjoy watching AC and Fred broadcast Cavs games. AC, if fact, is an incredibly nice guy and he legitimately loves the Cavs. It's fun to hear from a fan. However, whenever the games are on national TV, I like to watch them on the national broadcast. It's not that the national broadcasters are better than Fred and AC, it's that I like to get the national perspective on the Cavs. I know what they are saying at FSNOhio. I want to hear what they are saying at TNT or ABC/ESPN. At halftime of Friday night's Cavs-Knicks game on ESPN, I switched to FSNOhio because the ESPN crew calling the game was disgustingly unprofessional and idiotic. Allow me to rant...

Mark Jackson, I do not need to hear about LeBron James having to pay off Toney Douglas for the number 23 next year in New York. I certainly don't need to hear you talk about it for 4 possessions when you are supposed to be commentating on the game! You are supposed to be a basketball guy. I get it, you are from New York and you played for the Knicks. Awesome. Congratulations. You also work for ESPN, which is a national network with a freaking national audience. How about you don't spend 17 minutes discussing a long shot possibility for one of the NBA's crappiest franchises when you are supposed to be doing you job? Did you know there are people who don't mess their pants when they think about playing for the Knicks?

No, I didn't forget you Jeff Van Gundy. I don't want to hear how you think LeBron is going to deal wonderfully with the pressure of playing in New York because he has been under pressure all his life and always dealt well with it. Did you bother to watch the game? I know you don't see many Knicks games, since they are not nearly good enough for ESPN to bother televising them, but they suck. Do you think they are going to miraculously turn around their whole roster in one offseason? Do you think LeBron talked to his friend Dwyane Wade last season? Do you think Wade maybe broached the topic of how miserable it is to play in the prime of your career with no one around you? Do you think LeBron is titillated by the prospect of carrying a crappy team into the playoffs only to get rocked in the first round throughout his mid-late 20s? Do you think that sounds like fun, or did you fail to think this whole Best-Player-In-The-World-Voluntarily-Wastes-His-Prime-On-A-Garbage-Franchise thing through?

And Mike Breen, you disappoint me most of all. At least the championship-less wonder duo of Jackson and Van Gundy have the excuse of not being "trained" broadcasters. You do not sir. Did you ever think to yourself, "Hey, maybe we should consider talking about the game we are supposed to be calling, or at least mentioning it in passing"? Ever cross your mind? Ever think to rope in Ron Jeremy's brother and the third best player on some Knicks and Pacers teams that came up short? Maybe talk about the Cavs, with Shaq, and a top contender for the NBA title this season? Ever consider that? During production meetings, did the Cavs even come up? Did you know they won 66 games last season? Did you know they added a Hall-of-Fame center to go with their All-Star center and All-Star point guard and reigning MVP? Do you even count LeBron's MVP since he didn't win it as Knick?

Maybe it got better in the second half. I don't know. I watched the vastly superior Cavaliers easily down the talent-depleted and hapless Knicks in the second half on FSN.


So I was thinking about doing a running diary for the first Cavs-Orlando tilt on Wednesday. I thought about it for last Friday's game, but decided the Knicks weren't worthy. I wish I had, because I had a lot more hate to spew towards ESPN as I was watching that telecast. As it is I have had a weekend to calm down. Friday, I was pretty flabbergasted/angry. Anyway, does anyone want to see a running diary of the Cavs-Magic Wednesday night? Let me know in the comments.

Jack Bacevice


  1. Can't ask for a better game to start the diary...would definitely appreciate views that differ from the know-all ESPN guys Wednesday

  2. Yes, that would be great! I think though that the diary should be updated throughout the game to take our mind off the broadcasters.

    Additionally, I want to hear your take through your Christmas-ale soaked lenses, not any day after, hung over gibberish.

    Really like your columns, do you know terry pluto?