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Cavs-Lakers Christmas Running Diary

Jack Bacevice

8:03- Up 17 with 115 seconds left. I think we can call this a Cavs win. I have to go eat dinner. I have to sign off. Merry Christmas!!!!!! Thank you Cavs for this great gift! (L.A., I got you a gift too! It's a spoon...)

All I wanted for Christmas is LeBron resigning. Short of that, I wanted a Cavs victory over L.A. (Seriously, I told a friend this earlier today) Well I did get what I wanted... at least my 2nd choice, but I really, really wanted it. I did.

Pretty sure that was an offensive foul on LeBron but they called a block on Kobe. This who getting favored thing is cool!

Lamar Odom booted. Phil T'd? Foam fingers on the floor? Way to lose classy L.A. I know everyone is hanging off of the Lakers collective cajones, but, you know, they actually have to play the games. The Cavs are actually good. Better than L.A. apparently. Ha. HaHa. HaHaHa. HaHa. Ha.

Speaking of cheap shots on Mo Williams, you stay classy Derek Fisher!

Lakers down 16 with 6 minutes and change left. Gotta like the Cavs odds. Oh, and that Deep End show ABC keeps advertising. Well, the legal world isn't like that. In case you are curious, the "Creators of Grey's Anatomy" didn't make a very realistic hospital show either.

Kobe goes to the bench for the first time today. He is 9-26 from the floor. Think the Cavs defense bothered him? Well there are players on this team that can mess with him on every part of the floor, and LeBron hasn't even really guarded him. Sure, Kobe has 8 rebounds and 7 assists, but have those really helped his team win? Or is Kobe just taking what is easy. It's not really play making as much as making an easy play. LeBron's got the weaker stat line, except for the 82-66 lead. LeBron is the best player in the NBA. Sorry Kobe and L.A.

Monster 3 by Mo. Huge block follows. Dagger? Dare I say it?? Oh, and wonder why Mo Williams was an All-Star last year national media? Mo Williams helps the Cavs win. See: today.

That alley-oop nearly freaked out my family, well not the play alone. My reaction. I started shaking and screaming at the same time. I don't control my emotions well sometime, like during Cavaliers games.

I'm going to say it: The last time L.A. had this bad of a Christmas, John McClain was in town.

As I watch this game I get the feeling the Lakers have no idea how to deal with a team that is as big as they are. No idea. The Lakers rely on Kobe and their size a lot. The Cavs rely on LeBron of course, but not as much on their size. The Cavs can negate the Lakers' size advantage and then do other things to win because the Cavs do other things every night. The Lakers seem unable to handle a team that can stand toe-to-toe with them. This paragraph will look especially stupid if the Cavs end up losing this game.

Must be tough to not get the benefit of every call, hey Lakers? Annoying isn't it to not be anointed by the officials. Annoying. Sucks, doesn't it? Ha. HAHA. You suck L.A.

Shaq is in a mood. I like it.

Nice cheap shot on Mo Williams as he dominates the game Kobe. You stay classy.

Another smart play by Mo to draw the foul on Fisher. Even better that Kobe is losing his cool. It was a foul on Shaq that time, but Kobe has not had it easy in the paint tonight. Specifically in the third. The Cavs have a ton of size to throw in the middle and screw up any penetrating game the Lakers want to have. This is a good thing. The Cavs just need to avoid any 5-minute-crap-the-bed stretches. Things actually look pretty good at the moment...

Very clever play by Mo. 3 free throws and a foul on Gasol? Wonderful!

How about the Cavs don't get into a running game with the Lakers? How about the Cavs play more in control so they can play to their strength, namely half court defense? Just a thought.

Cavs start the two monsters. Mo Will hits a big 3. ABC gives up a stupid camera angle. Just want to make sure everyone knows what is up.

Halftime and I am feeling uneasy. LeBron not getting that off quite in time could be big since this game very well may come down to the wire. Much more worrisome was the Cavs going flat at the end of that half. The Cavs have a history of killing themselves by going absolutely flat and letting the opponents get big runs. When they go flat they really go flat. It's disgusting to watch honestly and it has killed this team before. (See: 2009 Eastern Conference Finals) I'm glad to be up, but I am nervous. Really, really nervous. The good thing is, the isn't about the Lakers playing well, it's the Cavs playing bad. The Cavs really do appear to be the better team. Stay tuned. It looks like at least David Stern will be happy. The NBA is going to end up with an awesome game for its marquee Christmas match up.

Cavs need to finish this half strong. This is not good. Lakers could get within 10 at the half. That is bad. Crowd back into it. Artest just got an and-one. Ew. Poopy.

Cavs dominance makes me a little nervous. Cavs have a history of blowing big leads against good teams. Nevertheless, I am glad to see the Cavs whupping the Lakers.

Cavs +11 with LeBron on the bench. Yeah, the Lakers really are God's gift to the NBA right? No, there's no bias against Cleveland. The Cavs are completely dominating this game in every way. Even JVG has to actually talk about the game. Weird.

LeBron to the bench and the Cavs extend the lead to 12 against the "best team in the NBA." Yeah, LeBron has no supporting cast.

After one quarter we have Cavs 23 Lakers 19. Kobe is 4-9 so he will have to really struggle to make my 11-29 come true. Also, doesn't Mariah Carey kind of weird you out? She sings "All I want for Christmas is you." The "you" for her is Nick Cannon. He's like what, 22? She's what? 42? All she wants for Christmas is a guy like 15-20 years younger. Awesome. I mean it would be awesome to me, but, it's not exactly the message ABC should be sending on the celebration of Jesus Birthday.

So there's a commercial for a phone with a projector. Why does anyone need a phone with a projector? There are like 2-3 situations in life where you need a projector, and all of those can be planned for. That's just stupid. You know what else looks stupid? Avatar. I'm not saying it is stupid. I haven't seen it. It looks dumb though. It looks very dumb.

Mo Williams is matched up with Derek Fisher. Does anyone else thing the Cavs should be taking more advantage of this? Derek Fisher can barely move anymore. He is like Shaq's age! How can he guard Mo Williams?

Shaq looks motivated. This is an excellent sign. Shaq was instrumental in beating Orlando, if he can do the same sort of thinkg against L.A. that justifies the acquisition. That and the fact Cleveland gave up Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavolovic. Sasha is a reserve on one of the NBA's worst teams. Ben is getting rebounds on a crappy Pistons team because someone has to get them. I continue to like the Shaq trade.

Mo to Shaq for a stuff. Beautiful.

Twin towers are in with Shaq and Z. Let's see how this goes. There is a lot of height on the floor right now. Z's first shot sucked.

If Derek Fisher is going to score points that is a bad sign. Derek Fisher is barely still in the NBA.

Can this game tip off? Please? C'mon! I have eggnog!

Boston is about to beat Orlando. Fine. Bring on Cavs vs. Lakers.

4:57- I am borderline inappropriately excited.

4:35- Pregame prediction: Cavs 96 Lakes 89. LeBron has 27 with 5 boards and 7 assists. Kobe has 33 on 11-29 shooting. He doesn't have it today. Why? I dunno. The finger. LeBron is awesome. Kobe is mildly evil and this is a holiday. (Kidding Kobe, I'm sure you aren't evil. I'm even more sure you have no idea this blog exists and I couldn't be more meaningless to you, so what do you care?)

4:14 PM-
Merry Christmas everybody! Welcome to the live running diary. Mike Breen, Mark Jackson, and Jeff Van Gundy (JVG) get the call for today's Christmas showdown between the Cavs and Lakers. Anyone else think JVG spends the first three quarters talking exclusively about LeBron, Kobe, and Shaq and totally ignoring the game? I wanted Hubie Brown and Mike Tirico. Anyway, grab some eggnog or Christmas Ale and sit back and enjoy, the running diary has begun!


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