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Cavs Smoke Suns; Z Sets Record

December 3, 2009

Last night was an especially satisfying one as a Cavs fan and an NBA fan. I got to watch Zydrunas Ilgauskas set the all time games played record as a Cavaliers when he entered for game number 724. Big Z put together a very nice game off the bench as the Cavs crush Phoenix as well. That was nice. I got to see the defensive-allergic Suns get run out of the building by a team that realizes basketball is played at both ends of the floor. I got to see the least deserving MVP in NBA history (Steve Nash) put up a crappy game. The Cavs cruised and LeBron James barely had to score. Still think he has no supporting cast?


The Suns were taking body blows from all sides. Big Z, Shaq, Mo, Delonte, J.J., Anthony Parker (non-French), Andy, Jamario, and Boobie were all killing Phoenix. Could the Suns defend anyone on the Cavs? The best D the Suns played all night was the Cavs going cold early in the third.

As I was watching the game, I was thinking about the Cavs embarrassment of riches. Seriously. This team is loaded. They have monster bigs (Shaq, Z), scoring bigs (Shaq, Z, J.J.), athletic bigs (J.J., Andy), interior defenders (Shaq, Andy), perimeter defenders (Jamario, Delonte), athletic scorers (Jamario, Delonte, Mo), shooters (Parker, Mo, Boobie, Delonte, Jamario), ball handlers (Mo, Delonte, Boobie), passers (Mo, Delonte, Shaq [Really!]), spare parts with great pedigrees (Jawad, Green, Jackson [NCAA Champs], Karl [coach's son]), and the Greatest Player in the World (he pretty much fits into every single category I just mentioned).


Leon Powe is still getting healthy.


Look at it this way. Two Hall-of-Famers (LBJ, Shaq). Two more All-Stars (Mo, Z). A potential future All-Star (J.J. [Seriously!]). All-World glue guys (Delonte, Andy). All-World athlete/finishers (Jamario, LBJ). Call Guinness monsters (Shaq, Z). A former Euro League superstar (Parker). Finally, just for good measure, there's a Boobie (Boobie).


Am I really saying something with this article? No, not really. I am kind of just basking in the glow of beating the Suns and slobbering all over the roster. Who cares? I'm a fan!

After such a complete victory, I had to say something.

I'm still working on a potential trades feature. Keep checking the site everyone.

Jack Bacevice


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