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Lebron to Leave Cleveland?

As the NBA season gets under way we begin to hear more and more about, “The Summer of Lebron”. We heard it all last year and we’re going to hear it all again, especially as the summer gets closer. A lot of people think Lebron is going to leave Cleveland for the enormous basketball market of New York City. Here are the reasons Lebron WON’T be leaving Cleveland.

For Starters, he isn’t all that unhappy in this city. Maybe he is frustrated but the Cavaliers’ front office has shown time and time again they are willing to make moves for him. First, they bring in Mo’ Williams who has been a huge part of their success over the last year. Then, after struggling inside, they bring in the Big Diesel to do some work in the paint. Shaq has been a strong presence in the middle. The addition of Jamario Moon and Anthony Parker has the Cavaliers tied for the most wins in the league, 20, and currently riding a five game win streak. They continue adding players to this team to help them grow. They have given him everything he could possibly want and they will continue to do so this summer. This time though, it won’t be in terms of a new teammate or player.

It will be in terms of money. Yes, the Knicks will have a lot of cap space this summer. However, so will Cleveland and they may be able to wheel-n-deal some of the players they have in a sign and trade, where one team signs a player to a contract and trades him to another team.

Also, Cleveland is Lebron’s home. He grew up in Akron, Ohio and currently only lives forty minutes from his hometown. Ever heard the saying, home sweet home? Well, that is just another reason King James won’t be going anywhere. He has said it himself that he has no intention on leaving the people of Cleveland. What more proof do you need?

There are all kinds of options for Lebron. After all, he is the most coveted athlete, not only in the NBA, perhaps in the world. He has so many reasons to stay and he will most likely do so. He has said over and over he wants to bring a championship to this city and I think the people of this city may finally get to experience that. Ah, a championship in Cleveland. Doesn’t that sound nice?


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