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Wake Up Cleveland Before It’s To Late

Time is running out for the biggest prize in the NBA our star basketball player maybe leaving our fair town and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Have you forgot we lost the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore and The Cleveland Rockers is also gone so do not say it can not happen again. We yelled foul play but we did not answer the call to duty to protect our interest in our sports teams.. We wanted our team but we waited till after the team was stolen from us. Here we are again facing another what if it could happen. 1. If LeBron James signs with another NBA Team 2. Could the Cavaliers survive 3. Would the City of Cleveland fall into financial hardship from lost of sports fans spending money at the games, hotels, transportation, food joints, and shopping. Well lets take a look back in time. The City of Cleveland hurt big time without the Mighty Cleveland Browns by far the Greatest Football Team ever built. People of Cleveland, Cavaliers, Indians, Browns, and other teams calling Cleveland home this is call to arms. Write letters asking LeBron James to stay in Cleveland. Picket the Arena with signs showing we love him playing in Cleveland. Let him know we love him and he belongs here in Cleveland. Campout, write letters to the editor of the newspapers, call up radio and TV talk shows. Get up in numbers and let LeBron James know what we feel for after he leaves it is to late. We must not let the fat lady sing this time in Cleveland for we love and need our sports teams. We need our heroes to help us live in the crazy world we live in. WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TO LATE. Fill the seats, carry signs, make lots of noise so he knows he belongs in Cleveland. If he leaves you can bet our Cavaliers will be going to or be remembered as just another team from Cleveland in the fish pan or just plain history. The answer to my three questions is if LeBron James leaves the City of Cleveland and our Cavaliers will suffer.

By Jackie Dean Miller, I


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