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How Agent Zero Can Still Hurt the Cavs

Recap: Despite being suspended indefinitely by NBA commissioner David Stern, Gilbert Arenas could produce a domino effect of harsher sentencing in similar weapons charges around the league. The incident regarding Arenas and Javaris Crittenton has been twisted every which way, but some simple facts have surfaced: Gilbert Arenas violated the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement by storing one handgun (at least) in his locker at the Verizon Center. Additionally, Arenas violated Washington D.C.’s gun control laws by failing to register those same pistols. Last - during a pregame warm-up verse Philadelphia- Arenas lead the hype, making gun signs with his hands and pretending to shoot bullets at his surrounding teammates. Seriously, this happened. I feel like people don’t talk about how insanely idiotic, and truly absurd that really was. What's worse is that it puts one of our guys in a tough spot.

Redz: Now, on to a similar situation, regarding a very different player: Delonte ‘REDZ’ West. Definitively my favorite player in NBA. From a hoops perspective, he’s got both a great mid-range jumper, but he can also stroke triples (especially from the corner). West is a lock-down defender - specifically valuable to put on opposing stars early - naturally allowing LBJ to replace him late in the game (if need be). Penetrates the middle, hits the boards and remains an extremely underrated passer. Silly handles combined with game changing steals. Brings a sense of intensity - whether its laying out for a loose ball, getting up in someone's grill or taking a charge. Moves well without the rock, takes good shots and communicates on defense. Always aggressive. Quick feet, trampoline hops and pure speed. My favorite part: West's ability to take the ball to the cup
deceivingly aggressive - leaving opposing shot-blockers the top candidates for upcoming facial posters (à la, Josh Smith). Clutch. Mean swagger. Delonte West = X factor.

Reality: Yet, the reality is Cavs fans might be without #13 during the second half of the season. Although, I’d like to forget and never bring it up again, September’s incident with West and the unregistered firearms is starting to creep. Aside from already being indicted, in just a few days West will appear in court for a pre-trial motions hearing. The trial is set for early February.

Review: When comparing the two incidents, the debate becomes increasingly complex. West has to deal with a county court system, whereas Arenas faces a more difficult system because the offense was committed within the boundaries of Washington D.C. Arenas didn't have the guns loaded and no bullets were found, whereas West had six firearms and was carrying a somewhat alarming amount of ammunition. Arenas brought the guns into the Verizon Center (violating NBA policy), whereas the West incident was outside the NBA environment. West cooperated with police, and is now citing Second Amendment protections and claiming self defense among other personal issues; whereas Arenas and his PR team have warped the story so many times, no one is quite sure what actually went down.

Right Now: West will now face the Prince George's County justice system. Then, commissioner David Stern will address the issue – and judging by his dealings with Arenas – gun charges will be a big deal. However, I personally believe the courts will be the biggest obstacle for West. His future status in the NBA should be different; most likely a bit more lax in terms of the fine amount and the suspension time length. Just because Agent 0 is unemployed doesn’t mean West will receive the same punishment. The difference between West and Arenas is how they reacted: Arenas made a mockery of the issue, West didn’t. That is why I believe Stern will not deliver an indefinite suspension to West.

Cavs fans will have to wait and see how this episode unfolds. If the surrounding circumstances limit West’s output and overall productivity, it will really hurt the Cavs in the second half of the season and especially in the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong; we have weapons besides LBJ, but none as explosive and dynamic as West. What do you think?

- Matthew Thomas Lobe


  1. Oh what up lobe treis

  2. I agree.. can't replace Redz, shippin off Hughes for him was genius. nice piece lobe trice

  3. good shit dakid213...nice little article homie....