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Cavs Steal Jamison, Wait For Z to Return Home

February 17, 2010

So we got Antawn Jamison. It's true that Amar'e Stoudamire was the sexier choice, but there is more to a deal than one player. Jamison is a better fit on the 2009-2010 (current) Cavalier team. His transition will be smoother. If Mike Brown chooses to not start him, Antawn will not pout. This man is a professional and a well known good and mature guy. He stretches the floor and rebounds. Is there downside? Absolutely. How about Antawn turns 34 in June. How about his contract lasts for another 2 seasons at a hefty sum. How about... wait, that's really it. I mean, I guess he isn't a very good defender, but he isn't horrible. The Cavs did not have to give up the promising J.J. Hickson. The Cavs did not acquire a player who needs touches to be effective. The Cavs did not acquire a player who may require a long adjustment period for everyone involved in late February of a potential championship season. The Cavs did not acquire a player who has had microfracture knee surgery. The Cavs did not acquire a(nother) player who will be looking for a max deal on July 1st.

That's all pretty good.

Now what of Z? Well if I thought Z were gone for good, I may spend 20,000 words... per day... for like 46 days... in a row... talking about how much I enjoy and respect and admire what he has done in his career here. I don't think he is gone for good. In fact, if not for the mandatory physical he has to take in Washington, I am not sure he would leave his house prior to resigning with the Cavs. With the playoff grind looming, Z could use the break. Plus, all things considered, when the Cleveland Cavaliers win their first franchise championship, there are two people that have to be a part of the organization: Austin Carr (broadcaster and general ambassador of goodwill) and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. It will be more proof that God is good. Z will be in the parade in June.

So let's take a quick look at what sort of team will trot out for the Cavs from late April through June... (alphabetically, because I said so)

Daniel Gibson- Dead eye three point shooter who has proved over these last few days his game can expand (see, passing and ballhandling) if the team needs it to. Also, showed incredible professionalism in his success after being demoted from the rotation and elevated to starter after injury. This is the type of attitude that wins titles.

Danny Green- If Danny is your 14/15th man, that's pretty good. Athleticism, shooting, and basketball I.Q. make him fine in a pinch.

J.J. Hickson- Explosive. Improving daily. Great attitude. Nothing not to like.

Z- Hey welcome back. Big (7'3"), skilled (rebounding, shooting, blocked shots), lovable, professional, experienced, humble, fearless, holy crap I miss him already even though I know he is coming back.

Darnell Jackson- Other 14th/15th man. Knows his strengths and weaknesses and never tries to do too much. Also a guy you can be very comfortable with in a pinch. Good size and attitude.

LeBron James- Continues to be LeBron James.

Antawn Jamison- Skilled, mature, scorer, rebounder, unselfish, happy-to-be-competing-for-a-title, consistent... I'm happy.

Jamario Moon- Athletic as hell with length and great defensive ability. Perfect team mentality. Willing to play a big part in one series and sit in another if the match-ups dictate it. May actually be this team's 12th or 13th man when he could be the 5th or 6th best player on a decent playoff team. Wow.

Shaq- Couldn't be happier in his complimentary role. 4 rings. Still very, very capable. Oh, and he is humongous.

Anthony Parker- Very professional attitude. He hits his 3s and brings athleticism and an unselfish attitude to the floor. He rarely makes mistakes. These are the kind of complimentary players you win titles with!

Leon Powe- Has a ring. He also has a rep for playing hard on defense and being able to score around the basket. The best part is anything he does is a bonus. As long as he doesn't intentionally injure one of his teammates or otherwise hinder their performance intentionally there is literally no downside.

Anderson Varajao- Matured from annoying hustle/glue guy to lockdown defender with scoring ability and on the court selfishness of Mother Teresa. If I have to chose a defensive line-up for one possession to bet my life on and everyone in the NBA is healthy and eligible to be selected I am choosing Dwight Howard, Kobe Byrant, Steve Nash, LeBron, and Andy.

(Kidding about the Steve Nash. I'd go Chris Paul. If a defensive stop is needed I'd almost rather play with 4 guys than include Steve Nash.)

Delonte West- He plays how everyone thinks they would play if they were blessed with NBA-level basketball ability. For whatever problems he may have off the court, he is a joy on the court to everyone. He is a joy to teammates. He is a joy to his coaches. He is a joy to fans. Opponents may hate him. I forgot about opponents.

Jawad Williams- The heir to Z in terms of feel-good-can't-help-but-love-this-guy stories on the Cavs. Went from nowhere on the bench to hardworking solid defender with length and athleticism who can score from the inside and outside and gets along with everyone and is unselfish and grew up here and... he went to St. Ed, but no body is perfect.

Mo Williams- A great fit as LeBron's point guard. Scores from the outside best, but has the ability to create his own shot. Can dominate the ball, but doesn't need to in order to be effective. Unselfish. Quick. Unafraid. Team first mentality. Adapts to the situation. Underrated and doesn't care. Not a great defender, but works hard on that end and has the athleticism to make defensive plays. Happy. Everything the Cavs hoped Larry Hughes would be.

So I ask you, who is beating that team?

Jack Bacevice

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  1. I like this move, this has to be the year the championship comes to Cleveland.