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Hello Championship, Good-Bye Cavs Optimist

Week 23 for the Cavaliers and the last week for the Cavs Optimist.

First, I'd like to thank all of loyal readers. Without you, this would not be possible. Second, I'm very thankful for the opportunity to share my thoughts on such a great forum. Finally, to my inside resources Yoda and Coach. Your passion and loyalty as Cavs fans will help our Cavs will that long-awaited championship.

Now, to our Cavs:

First of all, HOMERUN - Antawn Jamison. I was waiting to post this until all of the deals went down. The NBA certainly can be an interesting league but it seems all of the teams are taking it to the extreme of these rules. I hope this works out for NBA basketball because I love it. The Yankees are what they are but it's within the rules. The Knicks are what they are - garbage, but it's within the rules. The Cavs simply did what they need to do. Jamison was clearly the absolute best and only fit for the Cavs this year. Guess, what they want to win now! How long has it been Cleveland? This trade 100% brings us that much closer.

The key, of course, is the ability to wink-wink Carlos Boozer style to sign Z once he's released. Good for Washington not being gutless. Same cannot be said for LA, Boston, and Orlando for trying to make this a conspiracy. Specifically, LA. Don't make me mention Gasol to worthless Phil Jackson led babies. You're all scared and you'll get yours in the finals.

As for Boston and Orlando, these are our only real competition until LA (don't forget Denver). I'm not worried about the slow All-Star break start (typical of Cleveland/Mike Brown). We will get it going and it is absolutely crucial we hold serve as much as possible and home and win they games we need to win. We don't necessarily need # 1 overall seed but we do need # 1 in the East. We must make Boston play Orlando again and I think they will. That series will be the only time I ever pull for the NBA controlled officials. Back to Jamison, he definitely helps us against Orlando. We dominated Orlando with the addition of Shaq and steadiness of Z, Moon, and Parker. I think it's clear this year we are pulling to see the Magic and I wouldn't mind it because Orlando is garbage. You live and die by the 3 and refereeing if your Orlando. They pulled it together for 4/6 out of their mind games last year and even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again. Everyone knows who the real Shaq, I mean Superman is. Hello finals if it's Orlando. Now, if it's Boston, Jamison helps in many ways but it is more of an unknown. A Boston series would be 99% about refereeing and 1% about basketball. If the league driven officials allow those who play the game the right way to play, the Cavs will win easily. If they allow tragedy, cheating, and disrespect to the game to take place, the Cavs may have to go 7. Either way, an injury to any one of the lil three should allow the Cavs an easier road to the finals.

With all of my analysis being said, you can see I clearly believe the Cavs will be in the finals. They will get things together. It's a new season in a way and why I was initially against a trade. However, they will get this together and we basically added an All-Star stretch 4 in exchange for a draft pick.

I think it'll be Moe, Parker, LBJ, Tawn, and Superman. Again, this bodes great against Orlando and Denver. It may see some adjusting vs Boston or LA. You will need to rely heavily on minutes from Andy and D-West along with positive minutes from Hickson if and when he starts. Oh, and I forgot about Z and Boobie! They will need to step up once again this playoff season and they BOTH have LeBron's trust. That is crucial. Notice I didn't even mention Moon, Hot-wad, or Leon Powe and what their contributions will do to help our Cavs reach glory.

After I just described our All-Star team, I must deviate to talk about the Cavs Kryptonite - TNT. Unfortunately, it's worth me wasting 14 seconds of my life to type Charles Barkley saying, "Orlando has a better bench than Cleveland." Are you ___ serious? You should be cleaing bathrooms at Taco Bell Charles (along with all other Cavs haters in the media) instead of advertising for them. The NBA through TNT and Officiating have been holding Cleveland back since LeBron joined the Cavs. The Cavs will have a tough mountain to climb once again but they've done everything they can to put themselves in position. It's going to come down to a couple things:

1) Mike Brown - this is by far the only real concern I have once again for Cleveland. He must unite these players and form our defensive mentality. Two things he's pretty good at so I think that'll happen. His two problems are substitutions (managing that lacklust bench Chuck) and in-game adjustments (i.e. picking either let Dwight Howard try to beat you or limit the 3s - not neither like last year). Gilbert and Ferry and LeBron to an extent believe in this guy, therefore I must. Do it Mike Brown or you will continue the trend of Coach of the Year to "I'lllll C-ya." Get it done!

2) Shaq and other role players - it's going to be crucial for the Cavs to have consistent contribution from all of their role players. We must stay as healthy as possible but we do have the bench to help while players get back. There's going to be big shots to had down the stretch and they must step up confidently. Shaq must give it his playoff push and be that physical force even after many years in the league. Shaq doesn't have much to prove but he sure thinks he does. He must continue to add that extra swagger and experience of a true NBA Champion. I believe in the Big "Witness" Protection and think he will bring a "Ring to the King."

3) The Wonderkid and MVP - this is simple. It's his time (as the Cavs Intro goes). Have fun, rap some "Forever" by Drake ft. Eminem during games and do this. He is now the greatest player in the league (has been the last 3 years) and will win his second straight MVP. Our fate is in his freakish hands (according to Sports Science). He must continue to lead and get his teammates involved. Hopefully Mike Brown can work on getting him moving more within the offense towards the end of crucial games but we must live with it. The city loves him and win and he's a legend. He won't leave either way as the city, team, and fans have done nothing but make it a no-brainer but he's deserved the right to do what he wants. He is the BEST. He stays in Cleveland after his first championship, he's well on his way to chase-down (block) the GOAT - MJ. Do it LBJ, I will be there to "Witness!" Will you?

It has been a great run and I'm not going to leave out the Brett Favre possiblity of a return, however, for the time being, I am stepping away. Thank you all again for reading.

Rise Up, One Goal, a Ring for the King, It's Our Time.

Cavs over Nuggets and Cleveland wins it's long awaited Championship.

Cavsfully yours,

Cavs Optimist

PS - Don't be stealing my license plate - Cavs2010. You heard it hear first!


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