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Cavs Gear Up For Big Playoff Run

April 8, 2010

In a little more than a week the real season starts for the Cavaliers. In case it hasn't been clear to you, the Cavs have always had much bigger goals than winning the Central and having the league's best regular season record. This team and the whole organization is about one thing, hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy above their collective heads in a parade down Euclid in June.

We are about to find out if they can reach their goal.

The Cavs certainly seem to have the pieces to win it all. They boast The Best Player on the Planet cruising to his second straight MVP award. Cleveland also has a massive center with 4 championship rings soon to return from thumb surgery and supposedly in excellent shape. There is a slick shooting point guard who is adjusting nicely to his role change following the arrival of an All-Star power forward who can put up 20 a game with ease.

The Cavs also have the depth/role players/bench to support their stars and help win a championship. There's the gritty combo guard who can score both inside and out and likes "hot sauce in my bag." The big center from Eastern Europe who has a couple of All-Star appearances in his distinguished career and the hyper-athletic young big guy from N.C. State provide excellent front court depth. That front court is also backed by a Brazilian defender extraordinaire who never ever ever stops making plays to help the Cavs. The Cavs also have a glut of talented wing players with length who can score, like the one who played in Israel or the one who played in the D-League or the one who grew up on the Eastside of Cleveland. There's really nothing this team shouldn't be able to handle.

If you are not excited and optimistic about the upcoming playoffs, take another look at that Cavs roster. Excited and optimistic is how you should feel.

Jack Bacevice

1 comment:

  1. I can't agree more it is almost finally time to really rock and roll, nothing but a ring will do.