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Reverse Jinx Gods Beware


Apparently, the Reverse Jinx Gods are completely aware of my picks for the NBA postseason. Sure, maybe I was asking for it when I picked the Dallas Mavericks to make the finals, but now they're just being downright cruel.

After watching the Cavs get outright humiliated last night, I awoke with two realizations. The first being, I will not be allowed to watch any sports show today without having the feeling of a sinking heart. It's the same feeling you get when you find out that one of your favorite NFL players from last year might wrongfully get an award stripped from him, even though he truly earned that award after the first month of the season while passing multiple drug tests.

The second realization is that I can now be called the self-proclaimed Jinx Master. Harsh words, I know, but hear me out for a second. Being the Houston/Cleveland sports fan that I am, going into the season, there was no hope for the Rockets with Yao out. All of my hope for a championship resided with the Cavaliers. (Side Note: My other hope for the season was that the Rockets would tank for a great lottery pick. Way to compete just enough to receive the lowest chance at the top pick.) Throughout the regular season, the Cavs built themselves up to be the best team, just as expected.
Now, fast forward to the postseason. As I hinted at before, I picked the Cavaliers to beat the Mavericks in the finals in 6. (Cavs vs. Mavs = Gotta Haves!!) I also was predicting the Thunder to upset L.A., the Blazers to beat Phoenix, the Nuggets to beat Utah, and Miami to upset Boston. Could I have been more wrong? Possibly. As the second round began, I could have sworn that Utah, San Antonio, and Atlanta would at the very least win one game at home. What happens? Nada. The only true contested series was the one I felt was a sure thing. Cleveland over the injury-riddled Boston in five. Now the Cavs are on the brink of elimination. I shouldn't be surprised, and neither should you. Growing up as a Cleveland fan, we know that our sports teams are not allowed to win a championship. We must live with this and accept it, for the better of our health.
In an attempt to change Cleveland sports history, here is my new proclamation. Celtics vs. Lakers = History Makers. Or really, in this case it would just be adding on to history, but it's the only rhyme I could think of at the moment. (So, if the reverse jinx gods saw that last prediction, Cleveland fans, we're looking at a happy ending with us beating the Suns. No offense, Phoenix.) I encourage every Cleveland fan to adopt this new strategy. Clearly, our teams never win, so we must do something different, we should just start rooting for the bad guys. I'm looking at you Pittsburgh.

Kelson Kerruish


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